Everything’s bigger in Texas, and obviously this includes football fandom

The football team I have seen play the most games in person is the Northwestern Wildcats. On Saturday we went to the UT game. Let’s just say they operate on a much different scale.

So. Much. Orange.

You guys. I even wore a hat. (It looked super awkward.) I’m not really used to a lot of sports gear, but apparently neither are UT Longhorns fans. There were so many burnt orange outfits and accessories. Like, all I could think of was how much money some enterprising Etsy seller makes from offering a stadium-sanctioned clear plastic purse with an orange and white paisley strap. (This is a real thing I saw.)

They also fire off an actual cannon. And fireworks. I jumped miles and miles into the big Texas blue sky the first time that took place. And there is an actual bull, named Bevo, who came with his own team of wranglers. I asked if they were an a cappella group.

Even Bevo wears team colors.
The Bevo singers (actually handlers)
All right, all right, all right.

Oh, and Matthew McConaughey was there, on something called the “McConaughCam.” YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP, MY FRIENDS.

I’d also never been to a college stadium that served booze. I’d like to thank the University of Texas for slaking my Miller Lite Tall Boy thirst. That sure does make football better.

Anyway, it was so funny and so weird. And I SUPER can’t wait to go back.

McConaughey out.

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