About me

Here I am in Holland, making best friends with a baby goat.

I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, in a charming and idyllic small town where my parents still live and that I love very much. At 18 I moved to Evanston, Illinois to go to college, after which I headed just south to live and work in *actual* Chicago. In May 2017, I chucked my winter coats, sold my condo and committed to becoming a real, live Texan, following in the path of my brave, brilliant and patient significant other.

I’m a writer and a creative by trade. My favorite food is salt, I am a pop culture junkie and I adore my friends and family. If parallel parking were an Olympic sport I’d win bronze, silver and gold. I’d also probably medal in eye rolling, firm handshakes and, if I’m really being honest, cussing.

Anyway, hi. I’m glad you’re here. Hook ‘em.